Say goodbye to
unclean trainers and
dirty washable footwear
The Whizz Wizard is a reusable device to aid
the noiseless washing of washable footwear.


The Whizz Wizard is a reusable device to aid the noiseless washing of washable footwear. Once fully inflated the Whizz Wizard can take a pair of washable footwear such as trainers, football boots, trail shoes, canvas shoes, etc.

The whole thing is then put inside the machine drum and it sits wall to wall and concentric inside the middle of the washing drum. It eliminates the annoying banging and clunking noises that comes from inside your washing machine when footwear is normally just put in.This in turn protects the footwear as they are not being constantly thrown around inside the drum. It also reduces the chances of damaging the machine itself.

Once the machine cycle has finished not only is your footwear much cleaner and undamaged, with them not sitting in water in the bottom of the drum, they are also much drier when using a Whizz Wizard.

It is much easier to use the Whizz Wizard than not to use it.



Whizz Wizard
Whizz Wizard
Whizz Wizard
Whizz Wizard


I got hold of a Whizz Wizard before Christmas as fed up with listening to trainers banging about in the machine with that all too familiar clunk...
So today I unwrapped, inflated and used it for the first time...
Bliss...nil clunking...peaceful wash...MTB shoes now squeaky clean ready to get all muddy all over again!
Best £20:00 (inc. pump) that I’ve spent for a bit...
Highly recommended - give it a go!

Mr Coldwell

It is an amazing product. I wear training shoes all of the time because of work and for exercise. My shoes get smelly and dirty from walking my dog. They used to bash about in the machine until I got a Whizz Wizard. The machine is now so quiet and my shoes come out smelling lovey and looking like new. Great product can’t recommend it highly enough 🏃‍♀️

Mrs Cunningham

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More Testimonials

I ordered the Whizz Wizard last week from the Isle of Man - the product arrived in perfect condition and clear instructions on how to use it. It was easy to use and does what it says. My trainers have never looked so clean and fresh - wish this had been around when my children were young. So good that they have all been sent a Whizz Wizard to use with their children’s footwear.

Mrs Barlow

We were lucky to get a Whizz Wizard fresh-in. What a fantastic thing it is; follow the instructions, load in your dirty trainers and set the washing machine off. Because the trainers don't sit in the water, they come out nearly dry. We gave one to my sister in law and she tackled the 'stinky trainers' banished to the garage! Highly recommended!

Mr Turnbull

"What an amazing product!  Dirty trainers and shoes washed noiselessly - the positioning of the Wizard in the middle of the drum keeps everything in place and they come out clean and almost dry. Would highly recommend."

Mrs Bridson

"Having purchased a Whizz Wizard at the Ramsey Marathon event I was excited to pop my filthy trail shoes into the washing machine as per instructions. Very impressed with the end results ... my trail shoes looked amazing."

Mrs Sugden